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Better Nonprofit

Better website, Better nonprofit

Get a brand new, NationBuilder is an online community organizing platform, perfect for running a nonprofit website. Read along to find out more or visit NationBuilder's website NationBuilder based website for your nonprofit, with everything you need to manage your content, community, social media, donations, fundraises and more...

Your site is hard to maintain, you don't get enough volunteers and attention, it's hard to run fundraises & keep social media up to date

If this sounds familiar, this is a service for you.
I will design, build and optimize your new organization's website that solves all your problems.

Your website won't just look good. Results-driven design will help you boost fundraising, raise awareness, establish authority and much more. Guaranteed.

Based on the best technology out there

Your website will be based on NationBuilder - an easy to use community organizing system. It's deeply integrated with all your social media accounts, it's a place to manange your entire website's content, to manage your supporters and prospects databases, to recruit new donors and track your finances, to sell tickets to your events and much, much more.

Results-driven design

Your website is the most important part of your organization's online presence. I will make your new site work for you the way it should. It will help you:

Who is it for?

This service is not for everyone, but if any of this sounds like you, apply now:

What you get?

Here's a list of templates I plan to create for you.
This list can of course be adjusted to your needs - we will discuss the details during the initial consultation.

  • Homepage - the place where most of your visitors will land. Focused on actions you want your visitors to complete and message you want to send.
  • Blog/News - easy to create, update and manage articles/news to improve your position in search engines and keep your users up to date.
  • Fundraising pages - Optimized for conversion rates. You'll be able to create regural donation pages or raise funds for a specific purpose. Your visitors will be able to donate directly from your page (once or signup for automatic, recurring donations).
  • Volunteer pages - people will be able to sign up for specific roles you set for them, you'll be able to easily collect and organize volunteer information, set automatic welcome emails and quickly ask your volunteers for help when you need them.
  • Events calendar - you'll be able to easily create events, have your users submit them themselves and sell tickets online.
  • Contact us / About us / static pages - all the standard stuff every website needs.

Your new site will also:

  • Be integrated with all your social media accounts
  • Will have an email newsletter people will be able to sign up for
  • Will help you with your communications through email & text-blasting
  • Will work on smartphones, tablets & desktop devices
  • Will be fast and secure

That sounds great, I want my new website!

NationBuilder - best CMS for nonprofit organizations

NationBuilder is the world's first operating system for community. It combines your people database, website and communication tools like email, text messaging, and social media all into one accessible and affordable software platform.

See all NationBuilder's features

Get Your New Nonprofit Website Now

Your new website can be ready even in ten days.
This will cost you only $3,000 $2,400
Now 20% off for a limited number of projects

Now 20% off

I'll reply back with a few questions and we will schedule a free consultation to see if your organization qualifies for the service.

I have a bigger project in mind, can you help with that?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this going to happen?

I will get to know your organization, its goals and current problems by interviewing you and analyzing your current website (if it already exists). Then I'll propose solutions, verify them and implement in an easy to manage way using NationBuilder platform.

Will I know how to use my new site?

The platform your site will be based on is extremely intuitive. There are also countless numbers of helpful articles to solve all your problems. If you want to see it in action, hit me at [email protected] and I'll organize a demo session for you.

Why NationBuiler?

NationBuilder provides everything most nonprofit organizations will need. More importantly, it's easy to use, there is a big and active community in place to help you with any problems and last but not least, it's affordable. I haven't seen any other platform as well suited for nonprofits as NationBuilder is.

How do I know if this will work for my organization?

To answer this question I offer a free consultation during which we will talk about your needs and analyze your current website (if it exists). I only take on projects which can benefit from my work.

What if I want to change things later?

Each project includes one round of revisions after the project is done. And of course I'm always available in case you need more.

I already have a NationBuilder-based website

If you're already on NationBuilder, but maybe you are not happy with your site or you think it's outdated, you can still benefit from this service. In fact, things might get even cheaper since we might be able to skip some parts of NationBuilder's setup.

I still have questions

Good. I'm more than happy to answer all of them.

Just hit me at [email protected]